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Info Session with Program Director

Program Info Session with Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy, Program Director Hear from Dr. El Tarabishy as he shares the benefits, highlights and outcomes of the online GW Healthcare MBA program. At the end, he also addressed an active Q&A session. Transcript Annie: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules and joining [...]

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    Partnership: School of Business and School of Medicine and Health Sciences

    Listen to Associate Teaching Professor from School of Business and Senior Associate Dean for Health Sciences and Chair of the Department of Clinical Research and Leadership from School of Medicine and Health Sciences explain the partnership and go through the curriculum and new opportunities for students.

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      Program Overview and Course Demo on Human Capabilities versus Dynamic Capabilities

      Why should you choose GW for your healthcare MBA? What’s in the curriculum?

      Hear from our panel on top questions about the program. Also get a sense of how one of our core courses: Foundational Management Topics in Healthcare is like.

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        Foundational Management Topics in Healthcare: Disruption in the Health Care Domain

        See what our core course, Foundational Management Topics in Healthcare is like. Dr El Tarabishy took a sample topic from the course and explores it with the audience. It prompted creative thinking among the crowd.

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          Open Forum with GW Healthcare MBA Graduates – Healthcare Professionals

          Spotlight on some of our healthcare professional graduates where they share their decision process, program experience and real-world outcomes.
          Chris Katkocin, PMP, 2011 Grad
          Christopher J. Mehall, MD, 2013 Grad
          Julie Blommel, MD, 2015 Grad
          Kimberly Matthew, 2014 Grad

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            Open Forum with Graduates and Enrollment Advisors

            For this webinar, we invited some of our graduates and also enrollment advisors to share their program experience and admission process.
            Dr Hassan Mirza, 2012 Grad
            Commander Matthew Newland, 2013 Grad
            Marjorie Thomas, 2013 Grad

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              The World Financial Markets A Peek into the Turbulence

              The World Financial Markets A Peek into the Turbulence Transcript Host: Today’s webinar, the World Financial Markets: A Peek into the Turbulence with Dr. Yang and also Dr. El Tarabishy and I’m your host for today, Annie Li. So as we begin, I just want to go over a few housekeeping items. I want to [...]

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                Disruptive Innovation in Health Care

                Disruptive Innovation in Health Care Transcript Interviewer: Good afternoon everyone. My name is Leiki Luud, and I will be your host for today’s webinar, Disruptive Innovation in Health Care with Dr. El Tarabishy. Before we get started, I just wanted to mention a few things. Firstly, please keep your phones on mute. You can do [...]

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                  A Challenge for the Ages

                  A Challenge for the Ages Transcript Robert Dyer: Greetings everybody, this is Professor Robert Dyer from the Business School an also from GWS Health Care MBA Program. I’d like to welcome you to our webinar this evening. We do have a special program. I think it’s very appropriate and important topic. And I just want [...]

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                    Study Abroad Opportunities

                    Learn more about the Study Aboard opportunity available for online GW students.
                    Lisa Brancheau, Assistant Director of Global and Experiential Education at GWSB

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