4 Career Paths You Didn’t Know About for the Healthcare MBA

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If you’re thinking about pursuing a healthcare MBA, chances are you’re the proud owner of a business-savvy mind. You’re interested in being part of a team that affects change within the health industry, and you’re excited about being on the frontlines as healthcare continues to evolve.

Here’s some good news: Careers in the health field are ripe for the picking since the industry is booming, and there is no shortage of paths to choose from. Whether your strength lies in your leadership skills or your ability to solve problems creatively, you’ll have access to a number of careers you may not have considered before.

1. Pharmaceutical Project Manager

Do you have marketing experience? If so, you might be a fantastic pharmaceutical project manager candidate. In this role, you would be responsible for researching market data to conceptualize and develop promotional strategies for new drugs. You would organize and execute marketing campaigns to generate interest in a product or to attract new clients. You might also be in charge of maintaining relationships with clients and managing investments by preparing and pitching proposals. A strong project manager demonstrates solid leadership, communication skills, and is highly organized and creative.

2. Health Information Manager

Techies with an MBA in Healthcare could excel as a health information manager. This position deals with all things high-tech within the medical field, ensuring health facilities’ hardware and software remain up to date and functioning. Additionally, you would manage the flow of data within the organization and ensure that it reaches its final destination. Given the digital boom within the health industry, this career, in particular, will only become more vital as healthcare technology continues to develop and expand. As a health information manager, you’ll need a tech background along with exceptional troubleshooting skills.

3. Healthcare Consultant

As a healthcare consultant, you would be an invaluable member of a team driving evolution within the health industry. Companies would hire you to evaluate and study various organizations, and then you would help them develop and implement new, more efficient processes that would allow them to better manage their health facilities. Your leadership and communication skills are crucial in this role, and it would help to be a creative problem solver as well.

4. Hospital CFO

Every hospital needs a CFO who can ensure their facility is run in the most cost-effective manner possible. This is a high-profile position that requires a candidate to wear many different hats. Your financial skills should be particularly sharp, as well as your business and marketing skills. You’re responsible for managing financial risks and planning budgets and you’ll probably be expected to keep financial records and report them to the higher-ups.

The median salary for all four of these careers floats somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000, so any one of them would prove lucrative to the right candidate. Depending on your interests and expertise, a healthcare MBA can provide you with many different job opportunities, each of them challenging and rewarding in their own right.


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