Dr James Bailey Discusses Online Healthcare MBA

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Watch the short video below to follow along on our discussion with Dr. James R. Bailey, Professor at The George Washington University’s Online Healthcare MBA.


Education is not simply about what’s being delivered, but there’s an experience that goes along with that. [James Bailey Session 1 Take 1]. The name of the class I teach in the online program is called Organizations and Human Capital. It’s a course about the human side of things and the management side of things and the leadership side of things.

At the end of the day, medicine is people and people are your biggest assets. I’ve been a pediatrician for about fifteen years now and Dr. Bailey’s class has actually been great – learning about team dynamics. And if you know how to manage people in the context of a healthcare environment. It can really make a difference for the patients.
It’s not simple about what’s in your heart, but it’s about execution. So the better that you understand the people that you are working with, the better you’re going to be able to deploy their talents in order to achieve this ultimate mission.

I thought it was really interesting that it didn’t vary…I was really surprised at how great the quality was in terms of the instructions, the professors, their level of expertise. They’ve been excellent. I felt like I was there in the room with them. It added sort of a level to the education that I had never experienced before.
What I found is that I needed to be myself and not think of this as somehow a disembodied interaction, but rather it’s a very genuine one and at the same kind of intimacy that you would have in the classroom. And to the extend that I’m able to display that, the students feel it as well.

The best part about the GW MBA Online program is that I can do it from my house. I can put the kids to bed and log on, and be engaged conversations with classmates. I can do coursework, even have sessions with the professors – one on one if needed.

It accommodates people’s very very busy schedules for professionals. And it can deliver materials in a way that can’t be delivered face to face.
I don’t know that you’d be able to find quality like this elsewhere. To me it’s cutting-edge.