Online Healthcare MBA Program

Online Healthcare MBA


Meet the Program Director of the online Healthcare MBA

Meet Ayman El Tarabishy, Program Director of the online Healthcare MBA at the George Washington University.


Hi. My name is Ayman Tarabishy. I’m an associate teaching professor at the department of management in the school of business. I am also the director for the health care MBA program at GW. A little bit of my professional background is that I worked for the World Bank for about five years in the strategy group developing a new initiative called the development marketplace. I’ve started my own IT firm with a good colleague of mine helping to find IT solutions for businesses.

I’m also a professor and I teach courses like entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, innovating and creativity and knowledge management. A little bit of my personal hobbies is I like sports and I also have two little munchkins, two little kids that are five years old, so there’s a lot of innovation happening at home here.