Tips for Success in Online Learning

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tips for successThe George Washington University is helping students from around the world realize their dreams of getting a healthcare MBA. By gaining the practical business skills and leadership expertise necessary to flourish in the field of healthcare, GW graduates are transforming the industry on a daily basis. Furthering your education through this premier degree program is ripe with benefits, but it also requires patience and performance from serious students. To this end, here are some tips for success in attaining your healthcare degree online.


Forge Relationships with Your Instructors

Engaging with instructors is a right you have as a student in any collegiate course. When taking online classes, this right is arguably more important than ever.

Without meeting an instructor face to face, you may not get an understanding of his or her personality right away. But by emailing your instructor and simply introducing yourself, you are able to build report and gain insight into the person behind the screen. Also, by engaging early on, it becomes easier to contact your instructor with questions as they arise.


Schedule a Time and a Place

Without the confines of classroom setting, you are free to learn the materials from anywhere you choose. This can be an asset if done properly. Instead of doing your work from whatever wifi signal you happen to be closest to, schedule a time and a place for your studies and online interactions.

If you have an office or a desk set up in your room, schedule the hours per day and per week when you will be at your desk learning the materials. If you can turn it into a fixed routine, you’ll be able to plan your days more effectively.

Since you’ll typically be at home, in the library or in a coffee shop while working, make sure to avoid distractions as much as possible. This means taking a break from social media and turning off your phone. Though it may be a daunting proposition, it is one that will unquestionably improve your performance and keep you on track.

Stay Organized

Organization is a key for any successful college student. When taking classes online, you must be extra diligent with your organizational skills. Take advantage of the many apps or time-tracking programs that can help you know when you need to study, write a paper or engage in online meetings or lectures.

Set up alarms on your phone or computer to help you remember important events or due dates for your assignments. As we have all heard many times, procrastinating will only lead to stress. Stay ahead of the game with your assignments and studying so you can engage with your peers and instructors in a way that helps you understand the material in a real-world modality.

Receiving a healthcare MBA from GW is a pivotal and transformational accomplishment for any student and we want you to be successful in working towards that goal. Develop a relationship with your instructors as well as with your fellow students. Find an inspiring place to do your work and remember to stay organized in the process.

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