Medical Field-Related Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Medical professional using phone with tabletWhether you love or detest social media, it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. While there are some negatives associated with the internet, there are several positives associated with the opportunities presented when using social media as a tool or even a platform for education.

For students in healthcare management programs and those working toward an online MBA degree, there are many forward-looking medical professionals who regularly share knowledge, tips, advice and strategies for engaging in progressive healthcare. Here are a few of the best Twitter accounts you should follow in order to remain at the forefront of the medical zeitgeist.

American Medical Association

Twitter Handle: @AmerMedicalAssn

As their bio states, they promote “the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.” Their tweets offer a plethora of medical news, information and links to medical research of all kinds. From research on the best ways to quit smoking to infographics breaking down the distribution of healthcare costs, there is a wealth of real-time information for online MBA healthcare students.

Recent posts include links to articles discussing ethical and legal questions faced by healthcare professionals and current event-related posts about how pollution is linked to premature births.

Jay Parkinson — Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Sherpaa

Twitter Handle: @jayparkinson

It’s not difficult to find people who are critical of the health care industry as it stands in this country, but Jay Parkinson is a man who’s doing something about it. He has been called one of the “top ten most creative people in health care” and uses technological advances in science, medicine and communications to create ways to improve the health of people around the world.

As the founder of Sherpaa, Parkinson aims to streamline healthcare and allow patients to communicate with their doctors in a new, more efficient way that has not been seen before.

His Twitter feed is filled with insights into the current healthcare model and why it could use a drastic update. He links to articles highlighting stories from around the world that deal with both the good and the bad in healthcare, the role of politics in the industry and what needs to be done to fix the problems. Parkinson examines medical practice from the unique perspective of a doctor who is also an entrepreneur.

Kevin Pho, M.D.

Twitter Handle: @kevinmd

All students in the medical field, especially those in healthcare management programs, should be following Dr. Pho. The variety of his tweets read like a smorgasbord of knowledge. In addition to being a doctor, he’s a tasteful curator of various healthcare-related articles.

A board-certified internal medicine physician, Pho has written a book and gives keynote speeches to doctors and academics around the country. In addition to his large Twitter following, he is the founder of, where he “conceives and executes the digital strategy, and directs technology infrastructure.”

Twitter users from any occupational field would find his tweets fascinating, as they are not just about the medical field but about people in general. Recent posts examine why patients don’t pick up prescriptions, highlight the task of a physician that cannot be taught in any book or school, and broach the subject of “concierge medicine.”

Most college students will participate on various social media platforms. One might as well learn something from time to time while doing so. In addition to being educational, social media networking opportunities can sometimes open doors for anyone.

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